The following suggestions will help you to get many years of pleasure and comfort from your shoes. The humidity that skin tends to take up during the day needs many hours to evaporate so you should avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. This is very important for your comfort and also
means your shoes will last much longer.

Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. In order to assist the drying process you should leave a wrapped newspaper inside them.
Don’t leave your shoes in front of fireplaces or radiators. Heat could damage the natural tanning of the skin and the life of your shoes will be shortened.
Mud and dirt are best removed when the shoes are still wet using neutral soap, water and a shoe-brush.
Grease your shoes at least once a week in order to keep the leather soft, elastic and durable through time. When the leather soles wear out they should be replaced using the same kind of stitch system.
Always use a shoe horn when you put your shoes on. When your shoes are not in use always leave a shoe form inside them.